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12/26/23 07am

Attention Attention Attention… Apparently, youth and sport are following the $ and not truly serving the tennis community again… They have planned to make The Historical Landmark “The W. E. R. Tennis Stadium Wall” 4 pickleball courts… Do you Agree??
OPTION: I Agree the wall should be repurposed to be used as pickleball courts… (0 votes)
OPTION: I disagree the wall should not be repurposed and be kept for tennis, pickleball and squash practice. (11 votes)
OPTION: I don’t care (0 votes)

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12/26/23, 07:16 – Crystal: Merry Christmas cousin !
Looking good
12/26/23, 07:27 – Coach Brent: I will also be putting a poll up on the MITA.bm website later today… there are less and less tennis courts on island and there is about to be less free access to practice… with the removal of wall the last free access to practice with be Port Royals wall, Admiralty House tennis court… the remaining practice walls will be Coral Beaches practice wall and Port Royals practice wall… the wall at the St. David’s courts came down years ago…
Just so we all know, red ball tournaments have been held on the wall, preschools have trained at the wall, Special Olympics Train at the wall, the warriors would Train at the wall, it is the perfect spot for tennis camp training over the years, the general public have free access to the wall… it is a place I trained at since I was 8yrs old (or younger)(back then it was only the size of a singles court and was extended to a doubles court size in the mid to late 70’s..) the wall, develops patience, concentration and focus, it is calming and relaxing ( I used it a lot when going through my marital problems… it was my consoler… it allowed me to swing, hit and strike without negative ramifications… the wall is a positive reinforcer…
12/26/23, 07:29 – Coach Brent: The wall is a place to think and relax and reflect and calm down…
12/26/23, 07:37 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 07:40 – Coach Brent: The wall is the place that the less experienced have to do 100 hits in a row on Forehand and backhand grounds trikes and volleys… and 25 serves, while the more experienced have to do 10 times that… 1000 hits etc…
12/26/23, 07:42 – Nicholas Butterfield: Yes agreed Brent , I’m all for Implementing pickleball & courts but it’s all about balance <This message was edited>
12/26/23, 07:42 – Coach Brent: I am passionate about the wall the wall is my friend!!!
12/26/23, 07:42 – Nicholas Butterfield: Especially w limited practice wall specific options on island w free public access <This message was edited>
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12/26/23, 07:44 – Coach Brent: I am all for more pickleball courts… yes but let’s not take any more from tennis, tennis is already becoming more and more limited…
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12/26/23, 07:59 – Patty Ann Castle: Morning
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12/26/23, 08:04 – Rosette Simmons Treys Mom: Morning
12/26/23, 08:09 – Keya Perinchief: Good morning
12/26/23, 08:25 – Coach Brent: Morning family!!!
12/26/23, 08:47 – Coach Brent: here is a link to the google doc’s form to fill in a response, https://forms.gle/9Tx1URidkEuDXuy76
12/26/23, 08:48 – Coach Brent: you are welcome to share with friends and family
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12/26/23, 09:18 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 10:25 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 10:25 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 10:30 – Ella Foster : I played pickle ball once at the tennis stadium and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was not able to continue as the quick movements irritated my knee issues.
12/26/23, 10:42 – Gavin Manders: Just so everyone is aware, the wall can still be used. It will be multi purposed but w pickleball lines. During peak pickeball times, will most likely be pickleball. Outside of that, it can be still used as it’s always been used as the nets are portable As a board member of both BLTA and PAB, this will allow for much more activity and utilization of under used areas of the facility.

I have used the wall for over 25 years myself, and since being a coach, the truth is, it’s not used very much, estimated 10% of operational hours.

Just wanted to give everyone the facts of the project and that’s it’s not erasing the use of the wall. We should be commenting with all the facts to have a better chance of successfully being heard.
12/26/23, 10:45 – Mandy Ralph: Hmmm
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12/26/23, 11:26 – Coach Brent: Understood but a true to life principle is when an inch is given a mile is taken…
12/26/23, 11:30 – Ashley Brooks: Top of the season to you, Gavin, and all.

Multi purposed-understood. Informative-thank you
Will the wall/pickleball area(name to be given) ?
Be on a rental basis or free for all? As the wall has been over the years.

Will the nets(pickleball) be up on a 24/7 basis, and then people(cummiunity) can use them as they please and move to the side as they please?
Will this be free still or charge/value applied?
Will there be time limits placed on use of area?

Thanks for any answer if you know .

12/26/23, 11:33 – Coach Brent: pickleball is growing and will continue to grow, I am estimating the numbers will double within 6months… solution give pickleball its own area, don’t continue to tke from tennis… put 6 – 12 courts in the space beside the wall… even take out the drive way and have everyone utilize the parking lot next to softball and put 12 new pickle ball courts beside the wall… angain leve tennis to tennis…
12/26/23, 11:33 – Nicholas Butterfield: Thanks for the additional clarity
12/26/23, 11:34 – Coach Brent: As a pickleball and tennis coach I am for both
12/26/23, 11:34 – Coach Brent: but in their place
12/26/23, 11:35 – Patty Ann Castle: This is someone comment and I sent the link to them
They should leave the wall alone and develop more pickle courts somewhere else!
12/26/23, 12:39 – Gavin Manders: Stadium enhancement project due to increased activity. Approved and will start in Jan.

Courts 1-3 resurfaced – tennis

Wall area resurfaced which is well overdue – tennis and pb

Courts 4 and 5 getting lights – this means extra lit tennis court which is massive for pros making a living and the community.

Wall area getting lights – means hundreds of extra hours available for use.

A lot of positives and the wall area will actually have more access for tennis with the enhancements as it will be lit. Just giving you all the facts of the project.

Once we prove that the facility is being utilized, there is room for bigger projects like creating new areas for use. Stadium losing over 300k each year before the increased activity since Sept.

It’s not about pickleball taking from tennis, it’s about how do we work together to enhance the experience for all. If we want government to pay for new constructed areas. We need to fill it first.

If Brent is willing to set up a zoom call, I would be happy to listen and answer any questions or concerns. I’m not the one making the decisions, but I am heavily involved as MTM is full time there, and I’m on the board for pickleball and BLTA. Any solid suggestions or solutions can be taken to the powers that be for their review.

12/26/23, 12:45 – Keya Perinchief: how beautiful
12/26/23, 12:47 – Crystal: Ok great, thank you for clarity on this subject.
12/26/23, 12:48 – Keya Perinchief: Interesting Gavin… point being that tennis shouldn’t become a fossil situation but sharing and utilizing for all activities is necessary.
Our youngsters NEED more exercise!!!
12/26/23, 12:48 – Crystal: Truth!
12/26/23, 12:51 – Crystal: Yes I agree from being inside their homes most of the time with their game stations instead of active physical play with their bodies outside play
12/26/23, 12:58 – Crystal: Ok once again thank you for the clarity on this subject.
(One of the main focus is to stop the defecit, more money going out than coming in)
This has been unfortunately our historical problem on the island mis management of funds on projects.
I pray that these projects will be managed well and will not go into a defecitSandysgirl*
12/26/23, 13:02 – Crystal: Getting ready for work family
Happy Boxing day
12/26/23, 13:38 – Coach Brent: On another note someone asked a few weeks ago about the lives touched by tennis that have gone on to do amazing things…
Here are a few that got their skill & fitness start in MITA Tennis…
Squash got Noel Browne #1 Squash player over many years…
Boxing got Andre Lambe Bermudas top boxer over many years…
Soccer ⚽️ got many including current National team player Eva Frazzoni…
Track got many including 800m champion Shaquille Dill…
Hurdles Tristan Joynes… Rugby got Nathan Morgan
Road Running ‍♂️ got Kallan Richardson 1st in 24th May age group 2023..
Swimming got Ethan Daley, Jessie Washington, Shannon
Many have gone on to do many great things in business and in the corporate world…
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12/26/23, 15:35 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 15:36 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 16:06 – Coach Brent: Super Star Tyler Smith training at ITF Training camp in Cuba … doing station work!!!! in 2009… wow 14+ years ago
12/26/23, 16:07 – Coach Brent: No i did not make up the stuff we have been doing in warriors, example focusing on the ball….
12/26/23, 16:08 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 16:18 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 16:18 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 16:39 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 16:40 – Coach Brent: i understand there is at least another survey going on about pickleball taking over the tennis stadium
12/26/23, 16:54 – Mandy Ralph: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 17:49 – Keya Perinchief: My son Kris Frick excelled in tennis but soccer activity got him to University.
12/26/23, 18:29 – Coach Brent: Running also got Domico Watson….
See I knew I should not start naming names because I was bound to miss some….
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12/26/23, 18:31 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/26/23, 18:33 – Keya Perinchief: It’s up to us all to remember…
12/28/23, 07:47 – Coach Brent: Morning… Update on the poll… 34 persons have voted, 2 for repurposing and 32 for not repurposing the wall…
Question is… is pickleball here to stay… every pickleballer believes it is… so if it is a fad then ok tennis gave it some time until it goes away… if it is here to stay then it is time for it to give tennis back what it has taken and to now give it, it’s own space so it can thrive on its own… Banard Patk is big enough to support pickleball… pick a corner, by the wall, other side of court 5, near TCD entrance, or near the netball courts…
Question why didn’t pickleball pick on netball and take over the netball courts??? Why Tennis???
Yes it will cost to build pickleball courts… but when is it a good time to build a fantastic pickleball stadium… at the height of the boom… now… get to building… I am sure pickleball wants it’s own stadium for the crowds it draws, so it has its eye on the W. E. R. Joell Tennis Stadium…
The W. E. R. Joel Tennis Stadium should be considered a world heritage historical site… afterall it was Bermuda who introduced Tennis to the USA…
Maybe the push should be to give pickleball its place and the tennis stadium needs to become an historical Bermuda Monument… a place of history and a coming together of all walks of life in the community when we were coming out of Segregation… The further history is that the Sradium was fought for by Mr. W. E. R. Joell for the community… did he need it no, he had his own court, he wanted it for the community… he went to parliament and won it for all the people of Bermuda… to change it and allow pickleball to take over is a slap in the face of tennis and what was fought for by tennis players gone by….
Give pickleball its own place in the community… dies pickleball deserve 12 courts at Barnard Park – YES… but not at the softball diamond, not at Village field, not at the netball courts and especially not at the historical W. E. R. Joel Tennis Stadium…
12/28/23, 07:50 – Keya Perinchief: The heat is on… fight for what you believe!
12/28/23, 10:45 – Crystal: Thank you for clarity
Nice to know the history of the Tennis Stadium and our people
This subject reminds me of the historicl West End School verses
Somerset Primary
West End Wariors we are in the Fight for what is Right!!
12/28/23, 10:47 – Crystal: Yes I agree you cannot tear down and make admenments to a historical site
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12/30/23, 09:08 – Anthony Richardson: Good morning all. It has been interesting to see all of these comments. Each of them are relevant. A potential step is to contact the Ministry or Minister to ensure he is aware of your concerns and to determine if there are alternate solutions. Coach Brent’s comments, giving an historical perspective are quite relevant. We sometimes focus on money at the expense of culture. Let me know how i can assist.
12/30/23, 11:06 – Coach Brent: www.mita.bm
12/30/23, 11:19 – Craig Marshall: They are simply looking for a cheap way to create revenue. As the stadium is government owned it is the taxpayers right to choose not a minister who probably does not have any passion for tennis. It is not an efficient use of funds to make this change if pickleball is going to be as big as tennis (I personally don’t think so) then if revenue is the goal then a small stadium should be built as it will be required to host events. If you knock down the practice wall it will be for no reason and a loss to many people who want to learn tennis. I am totally against this if you want to do a pickleball court create something fresh and make it a proper club and promote serious tournaments etc. Just my two cents go big or don’t bother.
12/30/23, 11:43 – Anthony Richardson: Not to be an antagonist, but from a purely economic perspective, it does make sense to add pickleball courts. It is an accepted international fact that there is a boom in pickleball activity to the extent that many private locations have reduced or eliminated tennis courts in favour of pickleball. But again, a purely economic focus does not consider culture, practicality, history etc… it considers what will provide the best return for the expected investment. I will follow up with coach Brent offline.
12/30/23, 11:49 – AJ Andrew Phillips: As a certified tennis and pickleball coach who has been in the sport longer than I’ve been able to walk tennis has had a major decline in the years and around Covid was another big hit, racket sports in general just don’t bring in the profits needed to keep them alive and pickle ball provides the funds and revenue for that, as anyone can play pickleball and have fun where as tennis is a lot more demanding and destroying of the body
12/30/23, 12:08 – Anthony Richardson: You have hit the proverbial nail on the head!!
12/30/23, 12:16 – Larry Samules: Destroying of the body?? U mean wear n tear? That happens to anything that is used to do what it is built for. Thats not a good reason or argument for pb!
12/30/23, 12:21 – AJ Andrew Phillips: Tennis is a known sport to “destroy your body” I didn’t mean wear and tear, if you play the sport at a high level, the way it’s meant to be played, or the way it isn’t, no matter what the chance of injury is still higher then in all other non contact sports, the court is bigger the stops are faster, the contact with the ball has more pressure on joints then all other racquet sports. If you were trying to play a racquet sport and enjoy your time with your friends for people such as us who grew up on tennis it will be enjoyable but to people starting fresh it’s not as much and that’s what has been slowly killing the sport to the extent to where it is hard to even hold tournaments.
12/30/23, 12:25 – AJ Andrew Phillips: Not to say the sport isn’t enjoyable but the risk to reward in tennis is not worth it to majority of players and that is why pickleball courts are needed, as they’re are maybe 70 tennis courts in Bermuda half that are not in someone’s backyard and even at that, half that are actually used consistently, they’re is no reason to hold onto these courts when they can be generating revenue and cultivating a new concept of raquet sports.
12/30/23, 12:27 – Craig Marshall: Ok so take the hard courts and repurpose last 2 but the backboard should stay.
12/30/23, 12:36 – Larry Samules: Im not aware of where you get those stats from but can u post that site?
12/30/23, 12:38 – Mandy Ralph: A good answer!!!
12/30/23, 12:39 – Ashley Brooks: I have always believed in giving the community multiple social/sport options.
I think they should continue to grow pickleball and develop the sport as well as grow, develop, and save or give to tennis as well.

All sports should be given attention. Racquet sports or not. However, the development and growth of one sport should never alter or take from another sport.

From a financial perspective, they should provide additional courts for pickleball. The question is – to what expense. Tennis has room for financial gain. Just more effort is needed to obtain it. If gov/pros and all in between put the effort forth. Tennis can be profitable as well.

Sadly, $ put forth will dictate what happens whether it is good for the community or not. For example, 1 location may take a court away to gain picklball courts. Others may have the finance to just build pickleball and not take away from tennis. The politics of it all.

I understand that as a player, I feel one way. As a director, I feel another way. It’s a balancing act for government that I do understand.
12/30/23, 12:40 – Ashley Brooks: Also* I gained more clients after covid as it was one of the few sports that continued through, and I was able to work during covid due to the beautiful spacing created within the sport.
12/30/23, 12:45 – Ashley Brooks: Lastly,
The body.. I’m waiting for the ball to drop on pickleball…because a court size is smaller, does not dictate the degree of injury or risk.

Agreed-(tennis) level of play and coach corrective techniques dictate the level in which the body is aggravated or best or incorrectly utilized will effect the degree in which the body is..(beat up)Wear and tear
Hard surfaces have never been friendly to our bodies. Clay tennis court more so yes. However, the back bending of pickle ball, the reaching, the excessive whacking at the body will lead to injury as well. I’ve watched as pickleball has been active within my company for years, players getting injured and as you would with all sports.

*As normal the Pros and cons of all sports.
12/30/23, 12:54 – Ashley Brooks: Just for major kicks but totally foreal…
If I went to a golf course or two and asked them for at least one hole to reuse as a football field because it’s not as active and we could benefit from that, would that be OK. Like you have land, could you not rearrange the golf course to keep 18 holes share some land. Football is booming. We need space let’s use some of that space you have. Would that be OK. ?

The still will have course space and all. So it’s not ending golf. We have so many golf courses that it should be fine.

Same concept. They would actually think I’m crazy, go build your own feild or share someone’s already football field. Hmm, food for thought.

I don’t see why that should be a problem. Take from one sport to add an additional sport. Not taking golf away just having golf and football now. Thoughts?
12/30/23, 13:50 – Mandy Ralph: You all need a ZOOM conference!!!
12/30/23, 16:24 – Anthony Richardson: …having said all that and with coach Ashley’s thoughtful comments, does anyone know the motivation or actual intent of any changes at the tennis stadium?
12/30/23, 16:28 – Nicholas Butterfield: Gavin provided some additional detail earlier in the chat on the projects purpose
12/30/23, 16:30 – Nicholas Butterfield: Good idea
12/30/23, 19:11 – Coach Brent: Need to have the right players on board that will make a difference… waiting for my area MP the Premier to return from vacation as I have some correspondence I have sent out to him…
12/30/23, 19:12 – Coach Brent: It was basically a copy of the email youth and sport had sent out
12/30/23, 19:13 – Coach Brent: I will post an actual copy of the email
12/30/23, 19:16 – Coach Brent: Last part of email from youth and sport:
2024 Updates
As we move into 2024, certain aspects of the WER Joell facility will get deserved upgrades. We will see the following changes during the first quarter:

Resurfacing of courts 1-3 and the ‘practice wall’

Additional lighting for courts 1-3

New lighting for court 4 & pickleball courts

4 new pickleball courts installed on the ‘practice wall.’

Due to the nature of the aforementioned work, there will be court closures at various times. We do not have exact dates on commencement of works, but we will keep you informed in advance.


Have a great Holiday.

The Tennis Stadium Staff
12/30/23, 19:18 – Coach Brent: From what I can tell there was no real correspondence to for input from the tennis public… it was strictly a $ corporate decision
12/30/23, 19:24 – Coach Brent: Basically youth and sport has moved away from how can we serve the community to how can profit from the community service we provide… it is all about the bottom line now… I saw it when I was there they were wanting to charge me differently… instead of charging me for the court they wanted to charge me for the number of bodies I had on the court, they were not interested in the fact that I had players from the surrounding community that could not afford to pay for lessons yet I included them with the group anyway… itbhad become purely business… I do realize the wall is a thorn in their flesh because it is free… once it has pickleball with lights can it remain free… I don’t see how it can, who will pay for the lights
12/30/23, 19:49 – Larry Samules: As an avid tennis player at the stadium for about 50yrs,with the home base of ABTC there I would gadly be a part of that group to ensure “fair” play , especially for those who have served this community in verious capacities concerning tennis at the stadium. I remember when a gov’ment turned 3 clay courts into hard courts with very little consultation with the public at large. It was a “ploy” that in my opinion did not serve the Tennis Stadium well, then n now. Money went to a particular “private club” for their upgrading, to the tune of $50,000 per yr for 15yrs. The TS still looks the same as 4o-50 yrs ago. At one time only a “priviledged group of people” could play on those courts, until Mr. WER Joell n others fought to have that changed. Are we going to allow that sign of previledge repeat itself on the same grounds. I say NO!
12/30/23, 20:38 – Coach Brent: It is unfortunate only about 38 people have voted in the poll when it has berm sent to hundreds of people… have to step up the awareness… I may need to stand put at the road side with a sign…
It kinda shows most people are just not interested or we have not gotten the word out… it is difficult to go to gov with less then 40 signatures sad
12/30/23, 20:39 – Coach Brent: *been
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12/31/23, 08:14 – Coach Brent: It is time each if the courts including the wall are named after the tennis greats that have gone before us… I don’t remember example:
Stadium is: W. E. R. Joell Tennis Stadium
Stadium Court, Court 1: Cromble Manders (Dedicated his life to tennis, taught upwards of 100 people all at once on Court, Taught 90% of the coaches to play and coach)
Court 2: Alex (lives in UK now, played on the Tour, former Bermuda#1 player)
Court 3: Vernal Davis (1st Coach of Stadium under Youth and Sport)
Court 4: the only Bermudian lady to play Wimbledon
Court 5: Mr. Martian (Matained the Stadium in the early years)
Court 6: Billy Way (All The Ways have dedicated their life to tennis, Billy played on the tour, Margie helped run the local tournaments, Bill Sr. With the BLTA )
Court 7: David Lambert (dedicated his life to playing and coaching, longest serving BLYA president)
Court 8: *** Corban (taught Cromble Manders)
The wall: Vernon Evans (UnIfficial Stadium-Wall Coach for years)
12/31/23, 08:14 – Coach Brent: I need help with some of the names
12/31/23, 08:16 – Coach Brent: Probably need serial suggestions as well. Then each court should have a corporate sponsor who will financially maintain the upkeep of each court
12/31/23, 08:17 – Coach Brent: Pickleball needs to have its own stadium court to support the crowds it draws and intends to draw
12/31/23, 08:18 – Coach Terry Smith: Alan Simmons…Steve Alger
12/31/23, 08:18 – Coach Brent: There are do many names to choose from and each court should have a writeup on each person
12/31/23, 08:19 – Coach Terry Smith: Also not to encroach on the peace and tranquility of Tennis…(noise…and facilities)…
12/31/23, 08:19 – Coach Brent: It is time each if the courts including the wall are named after the tennis greats that have gone before us… I don’t remember example:
Stadium is: W. E. R. Joell Tennis Stadium
Stadium Court, Court 1: Cromble Manders (Dedicated his life to tennis, taught upwards of 100 people all at once on Court, Taught 90% of the coaches to play and coach)
Court 2: Steve Alger (lives in UK now, played on the Tour, former Bermuda#1 player)
Court 3: Vernal Davis (1st Coach of Stadium under Youth and Sport)
Court 4: the only Bermudian lady to play Wimbledon
Court 5: Alan Simmons, Bermudas longterm Mr. Tennis or Mr. Martian (Matained the Stadium in the early years)
Court 6: Billy Way (All The Ways have dedicated their life to tennis, Billy played on the tour, Margie helped run the local tournaments, Bill Sr. With the BLTA )
Court 7: David Lambert (dedicated his life to playing and coaching, longest serving BLYA president)
Court 8: *** Corban (taught Cromble Manders)
The wall: Vernon Evans (UnIfficial Stadium-Wall Coach for years)
12/31/23, 08:20 – Coach Brent: Yes tennis is the quite sport… pickleball enjoys the noise
12/31/23, 08:23 – Coach Terry Smith: The Tennis Stadium (courts and facilities) should be preserved for just that as our forefathers fought to defeat segregation and for the development of the sport of Tennis.
Pickleball facilities should be sought in other location
12/31/23, 08:28 – Coach Terry Smith: The sustainability of our Tennis development to levels of elite National and International standard is dependent on our ability to provide practice and sufficient Event facilities .
12/31/23, 08:28 – Coach Terry Smith: Public Facilities
12/31/23, 08:30 – Coach Terry Smith: Also for Community stimulation and Sports Tourism
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12/31/23, 08:50 – Keya Perinchief: wonderful IDEA
12/31/23, 09:31 – Mandy Ralph: Me Mandy – one of like hmm 2 black juniors who played consistently in all the Junior tournaments and still playing .
12/31/23, 09:42 – Coach Brent: whats the guy name that played against vernal davis all the time in the finals he went on to coach golf at Southampton princess… the vernal davius, i used to watch them play all the time at the courts, i fell inlove with his kick serve back then…
12/31/23, 09:43 – Coach Brent: the court should vernal court should be co with his name
12/31/23, 09:45 – Coach Brent: ok so we have made it over 40 responses…
12/31/23, 09:45 – Coach Brent: <Media omitted>
12/31/23, 09:48 – Coach Brent: 90.24% against repurpose and 9.76% for repurpose

12/ 31/23 10:28am Colie Place

Just some quick thoughts on the development of Lawn Tennis.

I totally agree that the pickleball association need to seek there own plan for its future, pickleball should never have a place to ride of the backs of all our for father’s and for mother’s hard work in raising funds to support our wonderful sport of lawn tennis, our for fathers and for mother’s worked hard and have develop a great association, plus becoming members of the leading organization in the great sport of lawn tennis.

We have developed many of leaders in our community in the business sector through lawn tennis, do to the hard work and leadership of all the volunteers that gave their heart and soul to develop the programs at the BLTA, that we should be so proud of.

The one thing that needs to be reinstated is the grassroots program at the W. E. R. Joell Tennis Stadium immediately.

My thoughts on making revenue at the Stadium.

In the past I challenged Youth and Sports to employ people at the Stadium to produce activities and they should have at least a level 2 coaching certification mainly from the International Tennis Federation.

The Stadium will never make proper revenue if the employees are not connected to the vineyard of the sport through being involved in the educational process of the development of the sport.

It also can be considered by Government Youth and Sport Department to advance a grant to the BLTA to run the W. E. R. Joell Tennis Stadium.

As far as the names on the courts I believe we truly have to take a good look at all who have given from the goodness of their hearts to help build the association where they are today, not only by performance.
We must remember the role that the BLTA have played over the years in advancing the sport locally and internationally and the important position we all played in advancing the growth of lawn tennis here in our homeland.

I believe the only way you can fairly name courts at the stadium would be to have multiple names on the individual courts.

You will need a committee to discuss such a sensitive decision.

Don’t forget way back in 1874 Bermuda introduced tennis to the US.

I have much more to share on the local tennis players who are gone to play pickleball and selling out the hard work of our for father’s and for mother’s over the years,they are not taking into consideration all of the labor put behind developing the sport of Lawn Tennis.

I’m actually sad of this whole discussion they are supporting.

I’m in no way against pickleball but it can’t rob us off all of our dedication in developing Lawn Tennis here in our homeland.

Yours Truly,
E. Coleridge Place
Past President of the BLTA.