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No interest in pickleball
While I totally support the pickleball movement, I feel it is far time that with it’s rich financial following, there should be no problem building and developing the sport in other locations nearby whereas not to encroach (proximity and noise level) on the Tennis experiences of those who wish to enjoy the tranquility of our gracious sport.
The word out is that the current four pickle ball courts are providing more revenue than all the tennis courts combined. The proposed pickle ball courts on the back boards have removable nets so very easy to roll to the side by tennis players if needed. The cost of building new pickle ball courts is out of the question. Times are changing and the stadium should adapt accordingly.
My 3 children and my ASP students love going to the Tennis courts and hitting balls against the wall. Please do not remove the WALL.
Build separate pickleball courts.
That wall is as good as a historical monument.
As a youth I was not allowed to use the “government court” because of my black skin. I learned tennis on the private court operated by Mr. Manders and Mr.Corbin, behind the BELCO property. Therefore I belive that The Tennis court must remain as is as many person fought for it to be open to all skin colour. There is property avaiable on site to build a new court for the Paddle sport and upgrade the tennis court facilities also.
Tennis courts should be given priority over pickle ball which is a trending sport
That Wall is the first step for many who put a tennis raquet in the hands As well for those who haven’t Hit in years it allows them get the feeling back and warmup just before an important match Leave that WALL ALONE …. LordButterfield
I object to the use of tennis courts as pickle ball courts any where but especially those at the WER Joell tennis stadium.
Keep tennis and pickleball areas separate .
I personally think pickleball shouldn’t be considered a sport
When I taught dance at Dellwood Middle School I would utilize the wall to introduce students who had never stepped on a tennis court to the exercise/ discipline and thrill of hitting the ball with my racquets. They moved onto renting the courts and enjoying tennis games. IF THAT WALL WASNT THERE I WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO INTRODUCE THEM TO THIS EXPERIENCE. THEY told me they never considered playing tennis because no one ever showed them how simple BUT FUN it could be.
If the hitting wall is turned into a Pickle Ball Court, then the current Pickle Ball court should be returned to tennis.
W.E.R Joell Tennis Court should remain a Tennis facility. It has an awesome legacy of Players & Events. The practice wall should be maintained for Tennis. Otherwise, only 1 side should be used for each sport. THE PRACTICE WALL SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN DOWN.
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Use the land adjacent to the practice wall
Find other space for pickle ball!
I disagree 120% with the idea of converting the practice wall courts to Pickle Ball courts!!!!! Stop stealing the TENNIS courts which are already in used and in placed for Tennis. Build your own courts!!!!!! This is such a disgrace and disrespect to Tennis.
Pickle Ball is becoming increasingly popular, it makes sense that they take advantage of its popularity. I believe that there should be both tennis and pickle ball.
If this is a community-based establishment than a variety of sports options should be present, not just one for one demographic of people
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