About Brent Smith

Director of Tennis

Manders Island Tennis Academy

– Present Langton Tennis Club

Stringing, Tennis Camps, Tennis Trips, Tennis Training, Developmental Planning, School Tennis, Afterschool Tennis, Tennis Tournament Running, Grassroots Tennis etc.


Manders Island Tennis Academy

– Present 

Official stringer ITF Junior Tournament 2005-2016
Stringing racquets for the casual player to the top competitive players.
Bermuda’s premier racquet stringer!!!!
If you need your racquet strung I have the string for you.

Junior Development Officer

Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association “BLTA”

(2 years 5 months) Bermuda

National Coach 14 and unders

Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association “BLTA”

(6 years 2 months) Bermuda

Prepared the juniors for the Caribbean Championships in COTEC. Won 2 years and had 2 juniors become #1 in our region.

Supporting Coaches

Coach Paul Alves

Coach Larry Samules