About Brent Smith – Coaching

Coach Brent is a Level 1 International Tennis Federation (ITF) Coach and Professional  with Professional Tennis Register (PTR) Coach. He is the Special Olympics Bermuda (SOB) Tennis Coach 2019- Present, and has been the Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) 14 & Under Coach 2006-2010. He Has completed training in Adaptive Tennis, Munchkin Tennis, Sports Science etc. He has also been Professional Racquet Stringer and a member of the Racquet Stringers Association (RSA). He has also been Vice President of BLTA under David Lambert then under Colie Place. He has also served as the Junior Development Coach, Tennis in the Schools Coach and Grassroots Coach within the BLTA. Coach Brent has run Tennis Camps, Grassroots programs and Intermediate to Advance Tennis Warrior Programs over the years. He has also run and been captain of Several Winter and summer Commercial league teams including Langton Tennis Club and BTC Tennis Teams. Highlights of career include having 2 Jrs reach reach #1 in the COTECC in both male and female divisions. Winning the Caribbean Championships and having one player receive a gold medal in the Berlin Special Olympic World Games, and 2 others gaining Bronze medals in their respective tennis categories. Coach Brent came up under the tutelage of the late Cromwell Manders and Cal Simons.

Coach Brent is a certified Pickleball coach with PPR Professional Pickleball Register and the Bermuda Pickleball Assiciation.

Life Coach:
coach Brent is a certified Loife Coach with ICIL

Director of Tennis

Manders Island Tennis Academy

– 2018 Present Langton Tennis Club

Stringing, Tennis Camps, Tennis Trips, Tennis Training, Developmental Planning, School Tennis, Afterschool Tennis, Tennis Tournament Running, Grassroots Tennis etc.


Manders Island Tennis Academy

– Present 

Official stringer ITF Junior Tournament 2005-2016
Stringing racquets for the casual player to the top competitive players.
Bermuda’s premier racquet stringer!!!!
If you need your racquet strung I have the string for you.

Junior Development Officer

Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association “BLTA”

(2 years 5 months) Bermuda

National Coach 14 and unders

Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association “BLTA”

(6 years 2 months) Bermuda

Prepared the juniors for the Caribbean Championships in COTEC. Won 2 years and had 2 juniors become #1 in our region.

Supporting Coaches

Previous Coaches: Coach Paul Alves, Coach Larry Samules, Coach Randolph Joynes, Coach Tony Thompson, Coach Ashley Brooks, and several Jr, Coaches